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Birthday Cake Decorations

A delicious cake is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a birthday party as any birthday party is considered incomplete without an appetizing and appealing cake. Although different kinds of cakes are easily available in bakeries, however, if you want to bake a cake at home and are looking for some birthday cake decoration ideas then here are some unique ideas for birthday cake decorations.

When decorating any birthday cake, always keep in mind the interests and personality of a person for whom you are decorating a birthday cake. Include something that he/she is interested in, or something that represents his/her personality. This will help you in making a more personalized cake design.

If you are decorating a birthday cake for girls, you may consider baking the cake in the shape of a purse, dress, shoes or any other fashion accessory. Include different colored small candies and icings in order to decorate it more attractive.

If you are decorating a birthday cake for boys, consider using the theme of ‘space’. Decorate the cake with blue icing to denote space by mixing a food color in the icing. You can also use different gel food colors to create planets, stars,  flying-saucers, and spaceships.

For a mature birthday party, consider decorating the cake keeping in mind the personal interests of that person. If he/she has a funky living style, then the cake you decorate for him/her should represent their personality. Use bright colors to decorate the cake for them. On the other hand, if he/she has somewhat sober and moderate living style, then it is better to use light colors when decorating a birthday cake for him/her.

These are only a few ideas for birthday cake decorations, and you can use your own creativity and imagination to come up with unique cake decorating ideas that will complement the birthday party theme or the personality of your loved one.


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