How to Decorate Oversized Bedroom?

It is joyful if you have oversized bedroom but remember decoration of large or oversized bedroom may be a challenge for you. You don’t need to hire professional interior designer for the decoration of your large size bedroom. You can do it by yourself. Just follow the tips given below and make your large bedroom well decorated, relaxing and conducive to sleep.

Adding texture would be great idea for decoration of your bedroom and it will also make the large space look good. Silk duvet and other fabric bed sheets can be used in the bedroom setting and decoration. Use velvet wing chairs just before windows and hang suede curtains on the windows and doors. Shag and flokati area rugs can also be used at the foot of bed.

Headboard is used to frame the bed. On the other hand headboard gives the bed a majestic look and also changes the visual of entire bedroom. Using oversized tufted headboard would be an ideal option for luxurious decoration of bedroom in classic way. Usually dark wood is used for oversized headboard decorations.

Focal wall decoration can be another option in bedroom decoration if it is of large size. Focal wall is created behind the bed to make it focal point of decoration. Bold painting colors and other painting techniques can be used to enhance the décor of bedroom. Wallpapers of different styles and designs can also be used for making it more attractive and decorative. Metallic ascents can be another choice.

Hope these decoration ideas will help you making your oversized bed room well decorated and luxurious.

Terrace Garden

After work for many hours everyone needs peace and comfort. Best place to get peace and relaxation is nature and for this planting a garden or planting trees at home are required. But due to limited space at home people avoid to make garden. In this instance, the best option is a terrace garden. People can make a beautiful terrace garden with flowers at home which gives them relaxing and peaceful environment and we know that nature is the man’s best friend.

Tired men or women can sit in this terrace and enjoy their evening and morning with a cup of tea. This calm environment makes them relax and active. It’s not a difficult task to make  terrace. Greenery is pleasing to your eyes and refreshing mind. You can grow many things in it like flowers of different colors to give colorful look to your home.

In this busy life people don’t have time for nature. A well managed garden cannot be affordable by everyone. But terrace have made everything possible for everyone and  people can easily planted plants in their balconies. Plants are not only essentials for the environment but it has its own therapeutic value for relaxing.

The first requirement for the terrace garden is spacious terrace. The first and important thing is that your terrace should be strong enough to bear the load of plants. Secondly your drainage system should be effective and surplus water should stay out from your terrace. Make your terrace water proof to avoid the damp spots on the walls.

Rock garden and sculpted garden are the shapes more commonly use for terrace garden. Your terrace garden can be the collection of herbs, shrubs, small trees or plants. Selection of soil should be done wisely. You can use peat moss or soil rite. Always go for fiber rooted plants rather than tap rooted plants, because tap rooted plants have deeper roots. Prefer smaller and beautiful plants like orchids, sunflowers or pansies.

You can also grow vegetables in it and enjoy fresh vegetables. To make your terrace more colorful you can grow colored leaves plants in it. Use seasonal plants to make it colorful and attractive. Plants are very important in our life. If you put little effort to make it green zone then you can maintain it forever. Colorful flowers look beautiful in the terrace and add beauty in home. Every human likes to spend time in the lap of nature so take care of your terrace garden.

Bamboo’s Sticks for Wall Decoration

To decorate home is an art because that makes your home colorful and lively. You can make several art and craft project at home by your own self. Decoration is not a big issue for you budget because you can make several decoration accessories with many household things or in very low budget. Today you will learn how to make your wall beautiful by using bamboo sticks.

The things you need are:

• Bamboo sticks

• Small size of nails

• Artificial flowers and leaves

• Glue

Take four bamboos sticks and cut them in equal length and place them horizontally on the flour or table and place five bamboo sticks over these sticks, vertically, adjust their places with the help of nails. That will get the shape of gauze, and then move this gauze in such a way to give the shape of triangle to each square of the gauze. Now take the artificial flowers with leaves and fix them on that gauze with help of glue.

Let it dry for a while. Now make hole in the wall where you want to place it, you can hang it on your corridor, drawing room, living room. It will just look superb and make your wall a green zone. You can also use this bamboo gauze at outside your home wall. You can see how we can improve our home by using these small things because small things always create big change to our lives so never ever ignore them.

Learn to Make Glass Painting

Walls tell the whole story of your home; they show your personality and taste. Decorated walls add beauty in your home. There are heaps of things to décor your walls like hangings and different accessories. Paintings also play vital role in wall decoration. There are large varieties of paintings available I market and they are too much expensive. Today I am going to tell you hoe to make glass painting at home.
The things you required:
• Glass colors
• Glass
• Lead
• Butter paper
• Thinner
• Any Decorative stuff
• Lacer
• Brushes

Take a piece of glass and draw flowers of your choice with lead to highlight the design. Paste butter paper at the back side of the glass. Color the highlighted area with glass color by using brush. Most importantly keep in mind the color scheme. All the color can go well with the theme and room’s accessories. Let the color dry properly then spray two or three coats of lacer. You can also use decorative stuff to make it more beautiful. Don’t put too much things it will look overcrowded.

Now frame this piece with a beautiful and decorative frame. Hang it on a suitable wall in your room. You can also use it as a gift for your loved one. Hangings give modish look to your room’s wall. You can also place them in the entrance of your home it will make your home eye catching. Glass paintings can be made at home by using different simple methods. Make glass painting at home by using your esthetic sense and creativity.

Easy Party Decorations for Kids

Craft making is one of the favorite hobbies of kids. However, they love it when their crafts are used as party decorations. If you want to have a party, consider getting kids actively involved in the making of different party decorations. This will not only provide them an opportunity to learn the things needed to plan a party but also will make them feel good because of the significant contribution.

Here are a few party decorations that kids can make easily. These beautiful decorations will surely add much genuineness and distinctiveness to your special event.

Banners – You can draw banners or get printouts. Consider having the specific shapes cutout and give it to kids so that they can create the banner message. Provide an opportunity to kids to show their artwork by providing them with crayons, colored paper, watercolors, glitter, glue, and stickers. Let them know the party theme and suitable color palettes that will look good. You can even give the banners the more professional look by having a message printed on each and let kids handle the visuals.

One option is to consider clipart together. Provide your kids the task of choosing, printing, and cutting out the most suitable clipart for the posters. Consider about the design together and let kids manage all other elements of making the banner.

Posters – If your kids love to draw, together you can make attractive decorative posters for your special party. Get some ideas about poster design and composition of kids and choose the most suitable visuals, and assign a specific poster to each kid that he/she is most interested in.

After the posters are completed, hang them together and choose the most suitable way wherein these can be placed in the party room.

Ribbons – Create beautiful decorations by using ribbons. Get the kids involved in designing table centerpieces and other decorative things using simple ribbons.

Another idea is to use beads, seashells or pebbles with ribbons to make the decoration even more beautiful. Select the things that exhibit the party theme and that look great together. Let kids to stick those to ribbons, posters, and other party things.

Balloon Decorations – Kids love different colors and patterns of balloons. Although kids cannot make balloon arches without adult help, however they can easily make clusters that mostly consist of a number of balloons with various colors. Show your kids the right way to tie the balloons and to keep the cluster together.

Have faith in the intuitions and artistic understanding of kids as they can help you in creating attractive party decorations. Moreover, you will get a chance to spend time together, having lots of fun and enjoyment.

Bridal Shower Party Decorations

The bridal shower party is among the most important parties as it is the last party a bride goes to have as a single woman. Also, it is organized to celebrate her past, present life together with her future as a bride and wife.

If you want to have a bridal shower party, it is better to plan at least two weeks before. This will give you enough time to send out the invitation cards and also to decorate the party venue. Here are a few great ideas that you can consider when planning for a bridal shower party decorations.

Opt for simplicity, but it does not mean to have a dull and lifeless party. Simplicity can create an amazing and elegant look if done properly. For this, you can use pure white table cloths, napkins, candles, curtains and balloons. This decoration will give a clean, fresh look and also will make any room bright and welcoming. Use gold, silver or cobalt and jade colors on the table setting, utensils, balloons and other accents to create a stunning décor.

One idea is to go for different colors as the correct use of colors can bring life to any place. Select decorations keeping in view of the color scheme of the wedding or on the bride’s favorite color. However, if right colored room is not available, you can select one with a basic color like white or pale beige. Once chosen, you can use color of your choice for the accents and the decors.

Another idea is to have a shower party in full bloom. Flowers look wonderful whether you want to have a shower party outdoors or indoors. It is better to use flowers that are in season so that you can purchase in large quantities. You can use roses, carnations, daisies, lilies, and lily of the valley or combine various flowers to create a wonderful effect.

Fasten a bunch of flowers and use them to decorate curtains or place large fish bowls filled with water and dip cut flower heads in them. You can also scatter petals on the sofa, over the table cloth and on the floor in order to create an attractive look of the room and to fill the whole place with a magnificent scent.

Summer Wedding Decoration Ideas

Summer brings a wide array of activities to enjoy and have fun, and if you are planning to have a wedding party in summer then it is best to use nature-inspired items to accessorize your wedding day.

One of the easiest ways of creating an amazing look for the wedding photo albums is to incorporate fresh flowers. There are several beautiful options that are available, such as sunflowers, gerbera daisies, chrysanthemums, irises, and hydrangeas.

Mostly summer brides want to hold their wedding ceremony or reception outside. For a warm and cherished look for the wedding albums, the perfect time to walk down the aisle is before sunset as your guests can have the opportunity to dance the night away surrounded by romantic candles and torches.

Another economical way to add a glow to the evening is to use strings of white Christmas lights. If you are having a beach wedding ceremony then at the reception, you can scatter shells across the tables or use a number of beach wood and glass in order to create distinctive centerpieces.

On the other hand, if you are having a wedding party at a farm or vineyard, it is great idea to accessorize using the seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables to create a verdant nature-inspired theme.

You can even place green plants or small pots of growing herbs in the center of each table. Also, use small fruit trees into the reception area to provide colors to the photos in the wedding albums.

In addition to this, apply your summer inspiration to your wedding color palette. Those who love pastels can select complementary shades of pink and coral. However, deep orange or lime is best for bolder brides, whereas more traditional duo could choose sage green or lavender.

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