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Wedding Reception Table Decorations

Table decoration is considered as one of the most important elements in any wedding reception. This is because these table decorations instantly draw the attention of the guests to the whole wedding reception event. Adding up the table decorations on the tables make them attractive and alluring to your guests, resulting in the memorable wedding. Following are some wedding reception table decoration ideas that can help you in putting up appealing table decorations.

Use fire and water elements:

Using fire and water elements is an excellent idea in order to make a wow effect to your guests. All you need to do is to float flowers or candles to water so that the look of your tables can be enhanced. When decorating tables, always be unique and creative.

Harmonize with your motif:

Always stick with your motif when planning to decorate wedding reception tables. The tables should complement the entire wedding event. Think of great ideas in harmonizing with your motif.

Consider using disposable cameras:

In order to make a wedding reception table more interesting, consider using disposable cameras. Ask your guest to take some photos of interesting moments during the wedding reception. This will make your guests participate, interact, and play important roles during the event.

Use different heights of vases:

Using different heights of vases on a table can make attractive centerpieces for your wedding reception table. This can create better eye-catchers as compared to vases in the same heights.

Make edible table arrangements

Having edible table arrangements make an ordinary wedding reception more unique and attractive. For this, you can make either candy or fruit arrangements.

Both of these table arrangements are ideal addition to your table. However, if you want to go with edible fruit arrangements, you need to ensure that the fruits can maintain their look for a period of time. You can even use a combination of candy-fruit arrangements to make your table even more interesting and appealing. Use large and clear glasses for the fruits and candies, exhibiting various colors that can liven up the whole wedding reception.

Wedding event is a special event that comes once in a lifetime, therefore, you should take your time in planning and deciding your wedding reception table decorations so that they can be unique and attractive.


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