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Large Wall Decoration Ideas

Decorating a large wall with the right style is quite a great challenge for the house owner. However, when unique ideas are used to decorate large walls then these walls can greatly improve the interior decoration due to the visual attention they get easily. On the other hand, a large wall can easily ruin the entire interior mood if done with inappropriate planning.

A large wall can be decorated in a number of ways. First of all, select a wall decoration style having a repetitive patter with large patterns. This will help in breaking down the wall into small sections in order that every individual unit is clearly smaller than the total size of the wall. For this, you need to use a chosen wallpaper design.

One way to do this is to create a mural on the wall with your chosen theme. It is important to match the mural with the overall theme of the room decorations. Choose a contemporary wall decorating theme for a contemporary room design theme in order to continue the visual connection.

The large volume of the wall can also be broken down by using curtains. All you need to do is to divide the length of the entire wall into three or four parts and use curtains as a way to lessen the heavy volume of the wall. However, remember the overall decorating theme while choosing the curtains.

It is not always essential to decorate a large wall with external components like cladding tiles, photo frames, wallpaper, and so on. If possible, you can create openings in wall. Certainly, you cannot do this with every wall; however, if the large wall is only a divider between two interior spaces and if privacy is not an issue, then this method can be very well used.

Creating openings in a large wall will instantly break down its volume and also add visual connection between the two spaces. You can even decorate the newly opening with curtains.

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