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Greeting Card Making Ideas

A gift, when accompanied by greeting card, can make it more special, and if you make greeting cards at home to give them to your family and friends then it will not only show your concern for them but also provide you with a creative hobby. Making cards at home is an art and sending handmade greeting card is becoming a trend in order to show deep love and affection.

You can easily make greeting cards by using different waste and cheap things that are available at home. All you need is to be creative and imaginative to make beautiful and attractive cards.

Following are a few ideas to make greeting cards at home.

One idea is to take a colored chart paper of your choice and use different stuffs to decorate the card. After completion, write your best wishes inside the card. You can make a bi-fold or tri-fold or single page card.

Tri-fold greeting card is also quite easy to make. You just need to double the central portion than the left and right folds. Decorate the front folds with different decoration materials. After completion, write the best wishes on the central part and wrap the card with ribbon to give a chic look to your card.

Another idea is to take a colored chart paper of your choice. It can either be in light and soft color or some loud and dark color. Now fold the paper into two folds and draw some butterfly or flowers on the paper and cut it from sides with a blade. Paste a different colored paper in the inner side that you have cut. You can write the wishes either on outside the card or on its inner page. It is important to note that if you have chosen a light colored chart paper then paste dark colored paper inside the chart paper and vice versa.


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