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Tuscany Kitchen Décor

If you like the rustic décor of the Tuscany region of Italy, then you can decorate your kitchen in Tuscany style. Tuscan theme can be integrated into your modern kitchen in a number of ways. You can use accessories, paint, and Mediterranean textures for Tuscany kitchen décor.

1.      Dramatic color and texture is one of the main features of the Tuscan kitchen. The first thing to do is to create faux old world walls. You can do it by hand troweling joint compound on the walls, which will leave lot of trowel lines and thick texture. If you do not want to change the wall texture, then first paint a light shade of color like yellow, beige or a pale olive green and then lightly rag on a darker earth-tone color such as terracotta, brown, red or grey. This will give you a desired Tuscany look.

2.      Vibrant backslash is one of the important themes that help in creating a Tuscany look. Tiles with splashes of earthy color or those that create an Italian mural or scene are perfect for this type of kitchen theme. Other unique choices for backsplash tiles include tiles with olives, cheeses, wine, and pears on them.

For flooring, you can use tile or stone. An old world look can be created with a dark stain on an existing wooden floor. Use of marbles can also bring Italian look into your kitchen. Use them as marble cheese boards, trivets or faux marble countertops.

3.      Use your creativity and imagination to accessorize your beautiful Tuscan kitchen. You can decorate it with majolica ceramic jars, platters, canisters, or olive jars. Filling decorative glass bottles with peppers and spices, beans, pasta, and herbs will look great in Tuscany kitchen. Also, decorate the table by hanging an iron chandelier or by placing large, wrought iron candlesticks. You can also display your pots and pans with an iron pot rack. Placing some small terracotta pots near the window, with fresh cooking herbs planted in them, will give a finishing touch to your Tuscany kitchen décor.

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