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Baby Girl Shower Decorations

Baby shower party is a great event, and when planning for a baby girl shower party, you can consider the ideas and tips mentioned in this article to celebrate the event in the unique and attractive way.

  • Hang baby girl shower decorations from your lamps to make the lighting in your venue soft and pink. For this, you can use twisted pink ribbons, pink cloth, or pink veil. Also, place pink votive cradles in empty jars of baby food, and light the candles to decorate the path leading to the venue.
  • Hang baby girl shower decorations from your ceiling. Drape the ceiling with twisted pink ribbons and hang tulle or veil bags from these ribbons. You can put pink jellybeans, cookies, gummy candies, or strawberries (if your venue is cold and dry) in these pink bags. You can either hand these baby girl-shower decorations to your guests for snacks, or ask them to take these bags home as souvenirs.
  • Hang baby girl shower decorations from your walls by placing pink rag dolls in small bags, and hang them on your walls. You can either name these pink rag dolls with you baby or the names of your guests. Ask your guests to take them home as souvenirs.
  • Decorate your venue with pink balloons and pink baby lotion, shampoo, and even pink milk (you can make from strawberry ice cream). Ask your guests to take them home, and you can serve the strawberry ice cream for dessert.

These are only some of the unique ideas that you can use for your baby girl shower party. You can generate your own ideas by using your creativity and imagination to make your special party memorable.


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