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Kids Room Decoration Ideas

An environmental theme can be created in kid’s room by using butterfly toddler bedding for your nature loving kids. However, if your kids love comic books, then you can use a superhero themed bed and bedding. The rule of thumb is to use the kids’ interest in decorating their room.

Consider various patterns:

Kids love colors and repeating patterns look attractive. Use these concepts to incorporate into the kid’s room décor. You can paint the walls in two interchanging colors of vertical stripes. However, ensure that the colors you choose complement each other as they should not be too stimulating. Soft pastel colors are perfect for kids’ room.

Concentrate on the bed:

The main piece of furniture in the room is bed; therefore, it should be soft and comfortable. For this, use bed sheets with a high thread count and soft pillows. Butterfly toddler bedding or cartoon printed sheets are very popular. However, butterfly toddler bedding and other nature inspired themes last longer with a child.

Create an illusion of space:

It is important to create an illusion of space in your kids’ rooms as they are usually smaller in size. An easy way to make a small room seem bigger is to paint the end walls a different color than the side walls. In addition to this, using large windows and strategically positioned lights can be used to contribute to an airy and bright room.


Children love to have toys. In order to store all those toys, shelves bolted to the walls are functional as well as decorative. You can also use baskets and hidden storage areas. Moreover, maximum space can be utilized by using drawers below the bed and containers under tables.

Artistic creations:

You can even frame and hang drawings and finger paintings made by your kids on the walls to decorate their rooms. Hanging artworks with matching bedding colors will give a room décor a more aesthetically pleasing effect.

Using these ideas will surely make your kid’s bedroom more appealing and interesting for them, where they can also learn, play and explore different things.

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