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Party Streamers Decorating Ideas

Party streamers or crepe paper streamers are among the party essentials. They are usually strung from the ceiling and wrapped around furniture. However, you can do something different with them. Following are some unique ways and fun ideas to make your party fantastic and memorable.

Party streamers as centerpiece:

The good thing about paper streamers is that they can be shaped, folded, and wrapped any way you want. Fold the paper into large loops and then secure the center with a rubber band or a big paper holder to create a flower effect. Fastening it to a large bowl in the middle of the table will make an attractive centerpiece.

Party streamers as ceiling art:

One idea is to secure one end to the center of the streamer and begin to twist the paper. Now tape the other end at a small diagonal at the other end. After doing this on the whole ceiling, string some balloons together in the center to change an ordinary ceiling into a party ready ceiling.

Party streamers as themes:

Consider and integrate the streamers into the theme if you want to have a themed party. For instance, if you are having a Hollywood party then it is best to steam red crepe paper down on each side to make a roped off isle effect. Whereas if you are having a pirate themed party then you can have the clues laced with a gold colored crepe paper. All you need is to be creative in your uses and ensure to bring a feeling of fun to every use.

Regardless of the type of party you are going to have, you can use crepe paper streamers as part of party decorations. You can show your guests your creativity by incorporating the party streamers in unique and attractive ways.


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