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Decorative Hair Pins Craft Ideas

A number of girls and women wear different kinds of decorative hair pins to not only add detail and dazzle but also a touch of their personality to their hairstyles. Although decorative hair pins are quite popular however they are much expensive too. The best alternative to this is to create your own decorative hair pins. All you need to do is to use basic craft supplies to make your own unique decorative hair pins.

Craft Gem Hair Pins:

Gem hair pins are one of the easiest decorative hair pins that you can easily make at home, without spending too much time. The supplies you need to make a set of craft gem hair pins include long bobby pins, colored craft gems and a hot glue gun. You can buy colored craft gems from your local craft shop.

First of all, apply a small dab of hot glue to the back of a craft gem, and then adhere the gem to the top of the rounded part of the bobby pin. If you want, you can add craft gems across the whole top of the bobby pin.

Floral Hair Pins:

Another easy decorative hair pin craft is floral hair pins, for which you will need a small silk flower, a wide hair pin, scissors, and a hot glue gun.

Firstly, cut the entire stem off the silk flower very carefully. After that apply a dot of hot glue to the flat base of the silk flower and adhere it to the wide hair pin. Moreover, an extra detail to the flower can be added by attaching colored craft gems to silk petals using a hot glue gun.

Beaded Hair Pins:

Beaded hair pins are very easy to make and can be a fun craft for kids. You will need beads, tacky glue, and bobby pins in order to make these decorative pins.

Apply a small drop of tacky glue into the center of each bead, and push it onto the top half of the bobby pin until it hits the far edge of the top of the pin. Fill the entire ridge in the same manner until it is covered with beads. Let the glue to dry before wearing.


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