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How to Decorate a Plain Lamp Shade

Decorating plain lamp shade is one of creative décor ideas that can be used to enhance the room décor. You can create attractive and stylish designs of lamp shades by using décor crafts. Here we will discuss how a plain lamp shade can be decorated yourself. Follow the tips to do it yourself.

The things you need to have for plain lamp shade decoration are:

  • Plain lamp shade
  • Fabric glue
  • Decorative touches that include ribbons, artificial flowers, rhinestones, stencil, fabric paint, tassels, buttons, pebbles, charms and beads etc.
  • Hole puncher

Directions for Lamp shading decoration:

Remove lamp shade from lamp and choose the better place to workout. Kitchen table will be suitable to you.

Line the rims of lamp shade with glue and make border using your desired decorative touches.

Make shapes in the lamp shade to let the light flitter out of lamp. Use hole-puncher for this purpose. These holes can also be decorated using different tinny decoration pieces like shells, beads and pebbles.

You can create heart shape on your lamp shade using hole-puncher. Fill this heart shape with stem artificial flowers and you will have floral look of your lamp shade.

Stencils can be used for more attractive and beautiful lamp shade decoration.

Fabric paint can also be applied using fabric sponge. This sponge will let you design good texture of fabric painting on lamp shade.

Buttons and other decorative touches can be sewed with border of lamp shade to give it unique and stylish touch.

These are the great decorative ideas for decoration of lamp shade.


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