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Tips for Curtain Sewing

If you try yourself to prepare curtains for your home, it is the better way to match them with interior, furniture, color scheme and theme of your entire home. You can use your sewing skills to make beautiful and stylish designs of home curtains. When you think of sewing curtains for your home, it is very important for accurate measurement of windows for the required fabric for curtains. Very few tools are involved in preparing more attractive designs of home curtains.

What you will need for preparing curtains?

  • Measuring tape
  • Paper/pencil
  • Sewing machine with backstitching options
  • Double-fold bias tape
  • Steam iron and iron board
  • Safety pins
  • Dental floss

Steps to measure curtains

  • First measure the windows, measure the top width of interior border, round up to the nearest half inch.
  • Also measure the length of windows and doors in the same way.
  • For accurate estimate of fabric you need, you have to double the width and length of windows and doors.
  • Add (5/8) of an inch to each side of windows and doors for sewing the curtains.

Here is a simple equation for curtain measurement:

Width= windows width x 2+1 5/8 inch

Height= windows height +1 5/5 inch

It is very simple equation and you will be able to sew curtains according to the design you have think for it. Choose best quality of fabric that also matches with theme and color scheme of your home interior.

  • Cut the fabrics to the length and width you have measured earlier.
  • First of all make side hems, press the seam and stitch.
  • Make a small ruffle for hanging curtains on rods.
  • Make curtains hems and stitch.
  • Hang the curtain on rod and have a better and attractive look of your home.

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