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Unique Ideas for Wall Shelves

Wall shelves play an important in the room décor and to keep the things in order especially in the small living space. However, decorating a wall shelves needs to have a creativity and imagination. Here are some of the unique ideas for wall shelves to help you out.

  1. Add a little sparkle to your décor by placing a deep wall shelf above your bar or high up in your kitchen. This will provide you a place to display your appealing wine glasses or rarely used glassware. For extra durability, strengthen your wall shelves into wall studs.
  2. Display your prized possessions in a creative and distinctive way by installing a number of corner ledges in the corner of your living room or dining room to display small, special objects.
  3. Personalize a kid’s room by hanging a long display ledge with a plate groove above a crib or kid’s bed. However, make sure that it should be out of reach of the kid. You can place over-sized alphabet cards in the plate groove, or can spell out your kid’s name or a smart saying.
  4. Place a new twist on framed wall art. Instead of hanging your wall art, tilt your framed art atop a wall shelf that has a rim. Hang a multi-level decorative wall shelf unit or assemble shelves at varying levels. To create a more visual interest, stagger your artwork in such as a way that one or two smaller prints sit in front of a larger one. Ensure to assemble the shelf in wall studs, and support large or heavy artwork by attaching it to the wall.
  5. Contemporary wall bookshelves can be created by using wall-mounted shelves. For this, you need to hang five or six deep ledges of the same length on the wall about 10 to 12 inches apart. Alternatively, you can select multi-tiered decorative wall shelves as a different creative display option. Organize a few books, vases and photo frames on the shelves for a very chic, clean look. Create a uniform look by covering your books with simple, monotone paper.

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