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Fireplace Mantel Decoration

Fireplace always tends to attract with beautiful decoration and mantel pieces over it whether it is used or not. When it comes to room decoration, it is very important to keep fireplace mantel well decorated. Here is comprehensive guide regarding mental decoration. Just follow the tips and enhance the room décor in most attractive way.

  • Different kinds of artificial fruits can be used to give more embellishing touch. It is also one of inexpensive ways of decorating mantel fireplace. Fruits like lemons, lime and oranges can more enhance the décor of mantel. Use stylish bowls and vases to keep fruits for mantel décor. Floral arrangement can also be included in fruits decoration.
  • Don’t forget to decorate the open place below the mantel. Because the open area of mantel will give very odd look if not decorated properly. Decorative paper and fabric can be used to stick over this area. It will add the décor of mantel. Dried flowers can be placed or hanged in this space.
  • If you want to give extra modern look to fireplace mantel, exotic grass can be grown for fireplace mantel. Although it is expensive but looks gorgeous. Natural grass in decorative pots can be used to give a rustic tinge to room decoration.
  • Keeping a decorative and nice mirror perch on top of fireplace mantel will surely lighten the room and enhance the décor of room.
  • A bouquet of origami flowers or a nice topiary can be placed for fireplace mantel decoration.
  • In summer season when fireplaces are not in use, you can fill this area with attractive displays. For example, pillar candles and decorative urns.
  • Be careful in decorating the fireplace mantel and don’t put anything flammable near fireplace mantel.

Hope you will like these interesting ideas to decorate fireplace mantels.


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