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How to Design Kitchen According to Shapes

Before designing kitchen planning is very important. First of all you have to know the shape of your kitchen then try to make it efficient as possible. Placement of preparation of food, sink and cooking should be not far from each other. It doesn’t matter what shape of your kitchen have. There should be some place between the sink and hob for the preparation of meal.

The placement of fridge is very important in the kitchen so place it between the entrance and cooking area so everyone can access fridge easily. Always try to keep away your fridge from the stove to get maximum efficiency from the fridge as well as from stove.

Kitchen shapes are of different shape and sizes for, example, U-shape, L-Shape. If we talk about kitchen geometry then you can create many shapes according to your kitchen space. Size and shapes of the kitchen will decide the exact layout of the kitchen design.  Most commonly shapes of kitchen are discussed below.


In U-shape you can adjust your cooking range, fridge and sink on different walls. Place your sink in the hub of the U and place fridge at end of the counter and cooking range or stove at other corner of the wall. U – Shaped kitchen provide you lots of work space and storage space. If you have bigger U-Shaped kitchen then you can make breakfast bar on one side.


The best thing in L-Shape kitchen is that it has lots of work space and storage space. In L-Shape kitchen two walls are used. Refrigerator is place along the long leg and sink can be adjusted at the hub of the wall and hob is placed on the end of the short leg. The one main benefit of L-shaped kitchen is that, you can make dining area on the corner and enjoy the meal.


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