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Décor Ideas for Living Room

Living room is a place to sit and have fun with friends and family so this room must be decorated in classic style to attract the attention of your friends. You must make some special efforts to make this place more comfortable and harmonious. From where you should start living room decoration would be obvious question in your minds. Don’t worry; we will guide you regarding classic and more captivating living room decorations.

Paint and color of living room

Paint and color plays a dominant role in decoration of living room and this should be done very sensibly keeping in mind the space of room. Light colors give living room larger and spacious look. Mostly white and cream colors are considered the best for living room wall colors.

Living room furniture

After painting the room furniture setting is basic and important. Article of living room furniture include sofas, chairs, tables. Setting and placement of furniture should be done after considering the shape and space of room. If your living room is small then small furniture articles should place to save space.

Curtain decorations

Curtains are always been a decorative item for home décor and give artistic look to the room. Selection of living room curtains depends on doors, windows, wall color and other interior colors. Usually cotton and silk fabric is used for curtains decoration. Fancy tieback, pole, valance and swag curtains can be used for beautiful living room decoration.

Ornaments decoration

When you think of ornamental decoration of your living room, you can use fancy decoration pieces, wall hangings, paintings, flowers and sculptures can be used to enhance the beauty and décor of living room. Fresh and artificial flowers can also be used in vases for living decoration.

Living room flooring

Ceramic tile flooring, wooden flooring and white marble flooring are considered the best for living room floor decoration. These three types of flooring add beauty and charm to your living decoration.

Carpet and rugs in living room

Carpeting the living room makes it more luxurious and goo looking. Different types of other rugs are also used for living room decoration like couches, cochins and other fancy fabrics.

Lighting for living room

Lighting plays very important role in more captivating look of living room decorations. Different types of bulbs, fancy lights, globes and wall lamps are used for good image of lighting in living room.

All these ideas will give you best way to decorate your living room in more attractive way and adding artistic look to the environment.


2 thoughts on “Décor Ideas for Living Room

  1. It’s interesting what things will inspire you to design – I’ve seen some living rooms designed off of a single vase – its tricky, but when it works, it really works.

    What I’ve found most useful is getting the basics done, then adding embellishments later, so to not feel totally overwhelmed. Get the couches, tables, and curtains done, then work on accessories, decor, and carpets.

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