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How to Decorate Oversized Bedroom?

It is joyful if you have oversized bedroom but remember decoration of large or oversized bedroom may be a challenge for you. You don’t need to hire professional interior designer for the decoration of your large size bedroom. You can do it by yourself. Just follow the tips given below and make your large bedroom well decorated, relaxing and conducive to sleep.

Adding texture would be great idea for decoration of your bedroom and it will also make the large space look good. Silk duvet and other fabric bed sheets can be used in the bedroom setting and decoration. Use velvet wing chairs just before windows and hang suede curtains on the windows and doors. Shag and flokati area rugs can also be used at the foot of bed.

Headboard is used to frame the bed. On the other hand headboard gives the bed a majestic look and also changes the visual of entire bedroom. Using oversized tufted headboard would be an ideal option for luxurious decoration of bedroom in classic way. Usually dark wood is used for oversized headboard decorations.

Focal wall decoration can be another option in bedroom decoration if it is of large size. Focal wall is created behind the bed to make it focal point of decoration. Bold painting colors and other painting techniques can be used to enhance the décor of bedroom. Wallpapers of different styles and designs can also be used for making it more attractive and decorative. Metallic ascents can be another choice.

Hope these decoration ideas will help you making your oversized bed room well decorated and luxurious.


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