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Work with Different Shells

There are different types of decoration items available in market. They are too expensive and everyone can’t afford them. You can make many things at home and decorate your home with these masterpieces. We have many useless things at home, we can use them and make different and unique decorations. Today I am going to tell you how to utilize shell and make decoration with them. Different types of shells available in our homes like egg shells, dry fruit shells, sea shells etc.
With egg shells you can make different decorations. You can crush them and paste on a simple vase or glass and paint it. You will see that a unique texture on simple vase or glass has made. You can also use full egg shell. Take full egg shell and paint it with different colors or draw different designs to make unique decoration. You can also use them as mobiles or place them in a beautiful plate. If you don’t want to paint egg shell then you can paste different beads and artificial things on it.
Similarly, you can use sea shells for wind chimes or door bell. By using these shells you can make simple things, stylish and attractive. You can use dry fruit shells like pistachios shell. Make beautiful patterns with pistachios on simple plate or wooden piece and color them to give colorful look. You can also make welcome with these shell, it will look awesome on your entrance. These are some different ideas that would definatly help you to décor your house with useless things.

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