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Learn to Make a Wall Hanging with Jute

Walls play vital role in home decoration. If walls are decorated with unique hangings then it will add beauty in your home. It is very essential to décor them with proper theme and all accessories can go well with your room. There are many different wall hangings available in market which are too expensive. Everyone can’t afford it but urge for them. You can make many hangings at home by using your creativity. Today I am going to tell you how to make hanging with simple jute. The things you required are:
• Piece of Jute
• Rubber sheets
• Bamboo sticks
• Glue
• Crayon colors

First of all cut the flowers and leaves of rubber sheet and give them shading with crayon colors. Now make boundary of bamboo sticks on the piece of jute to give boarder. Paste flowers and leaves in the center of the jute. You can also spray little glitter on them. Arrange them in the middle of the jute piece. Make some rings with jute and arrange them on jute. You can also décor it with different decorative stuff.
Make a loop with jute thread and paste at the back for hanging on the wall. If you want to frame it then put off these loops. Paste a piece of rubber sheet at the back of jute to make it stuff. You can also hang it in the entrance portion to make warm welcome for your guests.


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