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How to Decor Tissue Boxes?

Tissue papers are the most common useful things in every home. There are different types of tissues used in homes, kitchens, parties for cleaning purpose. If you décor every corner of your house then it should necessary to decorate tissue boxes. You can dwcorate your tissue box at home by by using your creativity and aesthetic sense. Everything contributes to make home beautiful. Today I am going to tell you how to make your tissue box attractive and decorative in a very low budget. The things you required are:
• Tissue box
• Glue
• Ribbons
• Artificial butterflies
• Other decorated stuff
• Glaze sheet or wrapping papers

Take an empty tissue box. Apply glue on it and wrap colorful glaze sheet or designed wrapping paper. You can also use beautiful cloth or jute to wrap it and give unique look. The cover should compliment your room’s theme. Now paste butterflies over the box to make it more eye-catching. You can also paste the decorative stuff like beads, lace to make it more attractive. Paste ribbons at the bottom corner of the box to define the boundary.
You can use it for decoration purpose. in the functions as well. You can make small things beautiful in a low budget and make your home decorative and stylish. You can also use it as a gift for your loved one. After drying adjust tissues in it and place it on the table. People like your creativity and appreciate your work which makes you proud and happy.


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