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Decorated Glass Bottles

To decorate home with household things is the wonderful way to save money. You cannot say that home decoration is an expensive thing. You can make several decoration accessories at home by yourself. Today you will learn how to turn a useless glass bottle into masterpiece. We always throw bear and oil bottles in our dustbin, after knowing this idea you will never throw these bottle into garbage.

The things you need are:

• Stylish shaped glass bottle
• Small size sea shells
• Water balls of different color
• Glue
• Golden spray paint

What you have to do is just clean the bottle with water and dry it with soft cloth. Take the bottle and apply spray paint from top to the neck of the bottle. Let it dry. Take water in a bowl and put water balls into the bowl. After half an hour, these water become swallow and get their final shape. Put these balls into the bottle and twist the cap of the bottle tight so that the air cannot pass in it.

Now take sea shells and fix them on the bottle with a sequence by using glue. You can use different color of sea shells but I used same color. Now your decorated bottle is ready to place any where at home. You will see that colorful balls look beautiful in the bottle emitting different shades. Place this bottle on any side table of your room. You can also give this decorated bottle to your loved one as a gift as well.

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