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Bamboo’s Sticks for Wall Decoration

To decorate home is an art because that makes your home colorful and lively. You can make several art and craft project at home by your own self. Decoration is not a big issue for you budget because you can make several decoration accessories with many household things or in very low budget. Today you will learn how to make your wall beautiful by using bamboo sticks.

The things you need are:

• Bamboo sticks

• Small size of nails

• Artificial flowers and leaves

• Glue

Take four bamboos sticks and cut them in equal length and place them horizontally on the flour or table and place five bamboo sticks over these sticks, vertically, adjust their places with the help of nails. That will get the shape of gauze, and then move this gauze in such a way to give the shape of triangle to each square of the gauze. Now take the artificial flowers with leaves and fix them on that gauze with help of glue.

Let it dry for a while. Now make hole in the wall where you want to place it, you can hang it on your corridor, drawing room, living room. It will just look superb and make your wall a green zone. You can also use this bamboo gauze at outside your home wall. You can see how we can improve our home by using these small things because small things always create big change to our lives so never ever ignore them.


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