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Learn to Make Glass Painting

Walls tell the whole story of your home; they show your personality and taste. Decorated walls add beauty in your home. There are heaps of things to décor your walls like hangings and different accessories. Paintings also play vital role in wall decoration. There are large varieties of paintings available I market and they are too much expensive. Today I am going to tell you hoe to make glass painting at home.
The things you required:
• Glass colors
• Glass
• Lead
• Butter paper
• Thinner
• Any Decorative stuff
• Lacer
• Brushes

Take a piece of glass and draw flowers of your choice with lead to highlight the design. Paste butter paper at the back side of the glass. Color the highlighted area with glass color by using brush. Most importantly keep in mind the color scheme. All the color can go well with the theme and room’s accessories. Let the color dry properly then spray two or three coats of lacer. You can also use decorative stuff to make it more beautiful. Don’t put too much things it will look overcrowded.

Now frame this piece with a beautiful and decorative frame. Hang it on a suitable wall in your room. You can also use it as a gift for your loved one. Hangings give modish look to your room’s wall. You can also place them in the entrance of your home it will make your home eye catching. Glass paintings can be made at home by using different simple methods. Make glass painting at home by using your esthetic sense and creativity.


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