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Jewelry Making – Basic Components

Jewelry plays an important role in everyday life. Many women believe that it is of same importance as that of beautiful dress. Different types of accessories are used on formal and casual occasions. Generally, women have large collections of jewelry that are of different types, such as earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and brooches.

Today, women collect trendy and stylish jewelry pieces to express their personality. They use different ways to get unique pieces. Jewelry making is one of those ways. A large number of people create their own jewelry by hand. Their handmade jewelry pieces are quite stylish to make a difference.

Many people consider jewelry making as a difficult and complex process. However, it is very easy to make and needs no professional method. You can make a wonderful fashion item with full preparation. Here are the basic components of jewelry making that you should consider.

Loose Beads:

Beaded jewelry gets immense popularity in recent years. A large number of people prefer beaded jewelry. Generally, beads are the basic components for making jewelry, which can be found in a large variety in different materials, such as shell, pearl, agate, sterling silver, howlite turquoise, hematite, crystal glass, Tibetan silver, lamp-work glass, coral, and so on. You can easily find your favorite one with such a vast choice.

Cord, Thread and Wire:

Besides loose beads, cord, thread and wire are also necessary elements. You cannot complete any jewelry piece without them. These cords, threads and wires are available in various colors and materials. You need to ensure that you select the right type for your design. Remember to leave the suitable length of cord, thread or wire.


Do keep in mind the clasps while preparing your various materials. Perhaps, a few people select to fasten the cord, thread or wire together. But this will affect the beauty of the handmade jewelry. You can find a number of clasps in different styles, like magnetic, toggle, box, strand, lobster, hook, and so on.


Findings are essential elements that are used in jewelry making. There are various kinds of findings that are used for various purposes, such as spacers, charms, pins, hooks, and other types.


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