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Small Bedroom Decoration

If you have a small bedroom and you do not have enough money for a home addition, then you make it look bigger with a little paint, rearranging furniture and a few other décor tips.

Furniture Selection – It is important to get rid of needless pieces of furniture and clutter. A best way to save space and minimize clutter is to use multifunction furniture. Instead of using small piece of furniture, opt for storage containers as these containers come in with or without wheels that can be kept hidden under the bed or in the closet. When arranging furniture, make sure to keep the necessary large pieces of furniture in the room and take out the smaller ones. For instance, use one large dresser in place of two smaller dressers. Larger pieces of furniture look more stylish as well as can in fact add an illusion of openness to your bedroom.

Walls – When painting walls of a small room, choose pale colors such as light greens and blues. These two colors have a calming effect as well as light reflect to pale colors and make the room look larger. On the other hand, dark colors make a room look more closed in and hence inappropriate for smaller rooms. Moreover, paint the ceiling a shade lighter or totally white in order to make the ceiling seem higher. Another great tip is to paint the wall trims and moldings in a lighter color than the walls to make the wall seem further back.

Lighting – Proper and perfect amount of light play an important role in opening up the room and creating the illusion of space in a small room. The best and cheap lighting source is natural light, therefore, remove heavy drapes and replace them with light and wavy window treatments. If you cannot sleep in too much light, then it is best to use mini blinds to block out the light when going to sleep and simply roll up the mini blinds when awakening to allow the light come in. One perfect choice for small rooms is swag curtains as they are chic, economical and look great with mini blinds.

Mirrors – Using mirrors in a small room has many advantages. They look stylish, help reflect light, and give the illusion of depth to a wall. Place mirrors in front of a light source, for example in front of open windows and doors. You can even opt for closet mirrored doors for your small bedroom.

Bedding – Instead of using dark colors, stick with a simple and light colored duvet cover. If you select cool colors such as greens and blues, then select the one with a floral print for a feel close to nature. However, do not overdo it with the floral prints as a simple duvet cover set with one or two large floral prints on a light backdrop will look great in a small bedroom. Avoid scattered looked bedding in smaller bedrooms.

Follow the above mentioned easy tips and ideas while decorating your small bedroom in order to make it feel more appealing, spacious and roomy.


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