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Nursery Decoration Ideas

Decorating a baby room can be a challenging task for any mom-to-be. However fortunately, a number of options are available for decorating the nursery in an appealing way. Here are some are easy-to-do ideas that can help you in creating a beautiful place for your child.

Stick-on appliqués come in different designs, ranging from butterflies, dragons, dragonflies, and fire trucks to simple flowers or geometric shapes. They can be used to create a new focal point in a room and can add interest and pattern to a dull and boring wall.

Baby wall art and wallpapers are specially designed to attract to parents and babies, and can range from very gender specific to neutral pastels and patterns. They are easily available at any baby store and can be added at the ceiling or at chair-rail level, closer to crib height.

Different designs of baby bedding sets are easily available. Some of these sets have matching bed sheets, dust ruffles, crib bumpers, and many other things. Although crib bumpers can be used to decorate before the baby comes however it is better to put away once the crib is being used. It is because they can cause suffocation and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) issues.

Furniture for a nursery can be as simple as a crib by itself however several other options include matching changing table, bookshelf, dresser, and glider or rocker.

Floor coverings and rugs may be included in many room and bedding sets. These matching rugs may be in full size or area styles. Other choices include large foamy puzzles for a soft play area within the nursery. These puzzles provide an easy-to-clean surface area and later become learning tools for the kid. It is always a good thing when nursery decoration can not only be educational or fun but also decorative.


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