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Summer Bedroom Décor

Bring summer into your bedroom is a great idea as it significantly freshen its look. You can easily decorate your rooms, without losing the comfortable and cozy furnishing you want in the cold months, by using following tips and ideas:

Use light colors and fabrics. Remove the heavy drapery away and make the windows a focal point by using the retractable blinds behind a sheer curtain.

Another way to bring light into your bedroom is to use mirrors in order to allow the sunlight to enter the room. This does not require a major change in your bedroom décor as moving a large mirror to a different wall is enough to optimize the light reflection in the room. Consider it diagonally from a window or on a wall, which corners against the window wall for the more light distribution. If your bed does not have a headboard, simply put a large mirror as a headboard behind your bed.

When it comes to furniture, move it around to create more open space and make it more airy. If there is a fireplace in the bedroom, turn the seating to face away and place a nice fern or any plant in the opening. Decorate the mantle with a few summery items, such as shells and a nice large vase of fresh flowers.

Remove all fluffy comforters and flannels from your bedroom. Instead, use pillows that complement your summer theme. Pillows in different colors such as aqua blues, celadon green, turquoise, and a hint of orange or nautical navy and white stripes are perfect. You can even use a rattan or bamboo covered pillow for a great look.

Adding plants is also a great way to add a summery feel to the bedroom. For this, use a large tropical with palm leaves and some colorful cut flowers. However, do not use too many plants in your rooms.

Bringing summer into your bedroom does not need you to start over. All you need to do is to use the above mentioned tips and ideas so that you can brighten up your bedroom in the cold winter.

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