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Tips for Kitchen Curtains

An important element in finishing off kitchen décor is kitchen curtains. However, they are often likely to get forgotten. Framing your windows with the right window treatment makes a huge difference in the overall look of the kitchen. Following are five tips for kitchen curtains that can help you in making the right choice.

  • Select a simple and informal style because fancy swags and tails and elaborated curtain headings look good only in formal rooms like the living room or bedroom. In a kitchen, it is best to keep the curtains simple.
  • Since many people do not want to choose colored cabinets, kitchen curtains are a perfect way to add colors to the kitchen. Select a fabric design and colors that best complement with the other elements in the kitchen whether they are classic, country, or contemporary.
  • Short length curtains are usually best for the informal style in a kitchen. However, full length curtains may be suitable if you have a window in the dining area of your kitchen. If you want some privacy then you can a café style curtain in your kitchen.
  • Kitchen curtains need to be cleaned frequently as they get much dirtier than curtains in other rooms with all the steam and grease in the air. Therefore, choose a curtain or fabric that can be easily washed in the washing machine.
  • Fabrics dangling over a cooking area are quite dangerous. Consider whether curtains are a safe option especially if you have a window near a cooker. Instead, you can use a simple roller blind that will stay well away from the flames or hot pans.

Using these tips will not only make your kitchen décor more appealing but also enable you to enjoy cooking and have fun time with your family in your kitchen area.


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