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Living Room Decoration Tips

Decorating your living room can be easy if you use some decorating tips and your sense of creativity and imagination. However, when it comes to arranging contemporary living room furniture, each room is decorated beyond what is dull or boring.

There are some rules that are required in decorating with modern living room furniture. Some of the most important ones are as follows:

  • Always ensure to coordinate the right combination of colors. For example, purple and yellow colors can be combined to use in contemporary design. You can also decide on black or white with any pastel or bright color. In addition, various shades of red, orange, or yellow can also be combined.
  • Consider using a number of various upholstery or rug patterns in the same space. For instance, you can place a striped sofa and floral rug in the same room. However, do not use too many clashing patterns.
  • Do not overdo the use of photographs in decorating the room as one or two family photos in each room are enough. Using chic frames and placing them on small nightstands or armoire can add just the right touch.
  • Consider using different kinds of materials and metals. For example, various textures of chrome, glass, wood, stainless, platinum, or leather materials can be combined to give an exquisite look. Also, you can place some antique pieces in the room.
  • Avoid overcrowding your living room with excess furniture as you want the rooms to feel spacious and a relaxing place instead of closing in.


2 thoughts on “Living Room Decoration Tips

  1. Great article! These are some great tips to follow when decorating your living room. Using different materials and metals is something that I’m sure many people are slightly afraid to do because of the worry that it will clash. However, like you said when combined it can create a perfect look. Same thing with using the striped couch and the floral rug, interesting idea. I completely agree that you should be careful when combining patterns like this because you want to avoid clashing. Great ideas!

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