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Floral themed Decorating Tips and Ideas

Flowers bring colors into our lives as they can beautify any dull and boring place. Use of flowers in the interior décor can make your home lively and attractive. Following are some of the floral themed decorating ideas that you can use to make your space interesting and appealing.

  • Use a floral or ivy print material around windows or sliding glass doors. You can either cut the material with pinking sheers or hemming as both looks fine. Also, you can cut the material any size or length you want. Bunch the material up with rubber bands or pins at the points where the swag would attach to the wall above the window. You can also swag by nailing or tacking it to the wall. You can buy cheap but pretty floral sheets from the thrift stores.
  • Buy some pretty floral tins from thrift stores or yard sales at reasonable prices. Line them on their sides atop cupboards. You can also use them for storage of small items or even food such as flour, pasta, and trinkets.
  • You can use a floral tablecloth and chair pads in your kitchen or living room to bring life to your space.
  • Buy some silk flower and use them as interior décor as these flowers are perfect for atop cupboards, around doorways and windows, winding around stairs rails or attach to lamp shades as a trim.
  • Stencil ivy or any floral border around the windows and/or near the ceiling on the walls. A wide range of stencils can easily be bought from the craft stores along with supplies and instructions.

Using these ideas will surely make your home beautiful, attractive, and welcoming. Also, they can bring life to your living space.


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