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Party Cupcake Decorations

Cupcakes decorations can be fun and enjoyable. However, one needs to be creative and imaginative when decorating cupcakes, especially when decorating them for kids. Cupcakes should be decorated in such a way that they are appealing to the eyes as well as to the taste buds.

Different flavored frostings are mostly, which includes cream cheese, chocolate, butter cream, meringue, and cotton candy. However, using these frosting flavors can be tiresome and hectic. Therefore, the most basic frosting is vanilla flavored that not only the most versatile but also easy to use when decorating cupcakes. For this, you just simply need to have simple vanilla frosting, basic food color, and re-sealable freezer bags with creativity.

Here are a few simple ideas for party cupcake decorations you can easily follow:

  • Vanilla frosting can be made into any color of your choice. Mix a few drops of basic food color in the vanilla frosting to decorate your cupcakes.
  • Use freezer re-sealable bags as pastry bags as they are very effective and inexpensive. In order to use, you need to invert the re-sealable bag in your hand, make a cuplike space and pour a dollop of your tinted vanilla frosting. After that, you can raise the sides of the bag and close it while ensuring to seal it properly and squeeze out all the air.

–        To make thin lines with the crude pastry bags, snip a small piece, almost an eighth of an inch off the corner of the bag.

–        To make fatter lines, snip approximately a quarter inch off the bag.

You can make crisscross, dots, vertical, horizontal lines, and almost any shape with your pastry bag.

  • Create a marbleized effect by taking a dark and light tinted frosting and a plain white frosting. Combine all three frostings and mix them in but not entirely, retaining the marbleized look.
  • You can also use other toppings to decorate your cupcakes. These toppings include gumdrops, sugar, coconut, or dry fruits such as peanuts, walnuts, and pistachios.

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