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Small Home Office Decorations

There are a number of reasons for which you may need to set up a small home office. Whether you want to start a side business or you want to have a place for doing taxes and filing personal records, having a small home office serves all these purposes. However, decorating it can be a real challenge.

Here are a few small home office decorating ideas to help you in making your home office comfortable to work in and also that incorporates well with the rest of the house.

1.      Use eclectic decorating style instead of buying expensive, new furniture for your small home office. In this type of decorating style, you can use radically different pieces of furniture with a range of styles and colors. Consider buying inexpensive pieces from clearance furniture warehouses, yard sales, or thrift stores.

For example, you can have a short dresser or vanity as an office desk, whereas a bench can be a good substitute of chairs for visitors.

2.      Use wall art to decorate your small office walls. However, original art and framed prints can be costly; therefore, you can use the standard sizes of posters that are commonly used to decorate large corporate offices. They are quite inexpensive to frame in ready-made metal or plastic frames, and include a wide range of subjects such as nature scenes, cityscapes, motivational images, phrases and quotations to improve a good work ethic.

3.      Lighting is vital to any decoration. The home office lighting should not only be bright enough to work comfortably but also soft enough to make the space feel relaxed. Although natural light is best, however if it is not available, use compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) that cut down on energy usage as well as provide enough light to work in. Do no use fluorescent bulbs as they create a harsh, green cast.

4.      Paint your home office to liven it up. Use light colors to expand the room and prevent it from feeling overcrowded. Consider using light earth tones such as pale greens, blues and tans.

5.      If you have kids, you can display their artwork in your home office. You can have a cork bulletin board to create a space for hanging the art with pins. This will eliminate the need for frames and you can change out one artwork for another.


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