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Interior Décor with Stripes

Stripes make the interior décor more attractive and appealing. From subtle thin ones to birth and bold ones, stripes can be fun, dramatic, or subtly visible. They can be used in any room whether it is a kid’s room, family room, kitchen, or a home office. Following are some ways in which you can use these stripes to decorate your interior.

Use of stripes and patterns together:

Many people think that it is not appropriate to use stripes and patterns together. However, you can mix and match stripes and patterns appealingly by using the same colors all over your space. Use smaller print textiles and furnishing coverings if your walls have bold stripes on the wall. On the other hand, use bolder and bigger prints if your walls have more subtle stripes. These attractive pairings will surely surprise you and your guests.

Use of bold stripes:

If you want to add a powerful presence to your space, you can use wide bold stripes. You can either use stripes in contrasting colors or can create a softer appeal by selecting colors in the same hue. Opt for contrasting colors such as black and white, or light and dark colors to create interest.

Use of subtle stripes:

If you want to use light colored stripes, you can select pastel colors or use different tone color varieties of one color. Paint an entire wall in your favorite color and allow it to completely dry. Now tape off stripes and use a glaze or faux finish paint to lighten the original color. Remove the tape and you will get subtle stripes.

Horizontal and vertical stripes:

There are a number of ways to put stripes in a room. Horizontal stripes make the room feel larger whereas the vertical stripes make your room feel taller. The selection of type of stripes depends on the quantity of natural light in your space and the how much of the wall is covered by furniture, room accessories, and wall art. You can get inspiration from home décor magazines.

Stripes do not require a lot of work, yet they serve as an added bonus to a space. If you do not want to tape off your walls with straight lines, you can use a leveler, such as the electric beam levels. Stripes or similar affects to stripes can also be created by using wallpaper and faux finishes.


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