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Ideas for Wall Decoration

Wall is the most important feature of a room as it greatly affects interior décor. A huge difference can be made in any room by just repainting the walls. Therefore, it is important to take time in deciding what color will look best on the specific wall. Besides selecting the color for the wall paint, there are also many other ways to add interest to the room through the walls.

Here are some unique ways to decorate your walls.

• Add wall art to your walls to make them beautiful and appealing. Wall arts such as metal wall sculpture, wall paintings, and decorative wall sconces are all simple but very appealing way to decorate a wall.

• The most popular way of redecorating the wall is to paint it. However, instead of opting for repainting the whole wall, a better way is to add stripes on it. Select the color that best contrasts with the existing wall color.

• Add lights on the wall to create a dramatic effect. These lights are not only decorative but also very functional. They can give a romantic touch, style, comfort, and tranquility to any room. You can also add a few lights in your reading area.

• Putting up some shelves on the wall can make a big difference to any room décor. This can not only serve as storage for your books and other objects, but also can be used to display decorative items such as photo frames, snow globes, decoration pieces, or any of your collection.

• Add drapes, curtains, and other wall accessories to your walls to add texture and layer in the room. If your wall is blunt, you can hang abstract canvass paintings on it. You can put drapes from top edge of the wall down to the floor to create an illusion that you have a tall wall. You can also do the same for your curtains and your windows will seem bigger. In addition, hanging mirror on the wall can also help in making your space appear bigger.

A whole new look for a room can be achieved just by decorating the walls. Consider these interesting ways to decorate in order to save money for the redecoration.


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