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Winter Birthday Party Ideas

Generally, it is thought that decorating birthday parties for those kids who born during the winter months are quite difficult. However, there are plenty of fun and creative ways in which you can decorate winter birthday parties.

Here are a few unique winter birthday party ideas to help you out.

Tubing Party

Decorating a birthday party for choosy pre-teen kid is quite difficult. However, this birthday party idea is not only easy to put together but also kids will love the activity-centered theme. This party theme works great for 11 – 13 years old.

In order to make invitations, you will need the following things:

1. Tubing graphics

2. Computer


For this age group, you don’t have to waste your time in putting together crafty invitations. You can involve your birthday boy or girl to make invitations. Print a computer message, inviting their friends to a tubing birthday party. Ensure that you include specific instructions on your leaving and returning time, and also the suggested type of dress.

If traveling time to the tubing site is more than about 20 minutes, consider having a snack on hand. Depending on the time of day, you may also consider having a water bottle, energy bar, or candy bar for each party guest.

While tubing, ensure that you take a photo of each of the party guests, coming down the hill. Print out the pictures later and place them in a frame. You can then give them out as party favors. Moreover, ensure to include some group photos.

When returning home, instead of a birthday cake, consider having a number of hot chocolate and donuts for your party guests to replenish on.

Gingerbread House Party

Kids of nearly all ages will have fun assembling these gingerbread houses.

You will need following things to make invitations.

1. Brown construction paper

2. Various other colors of construction papers

3. Googly eyes

4. Glue


Using a cookie cutter, trace a gingerbread man shape on to a brown paper. Let your birthday child to decorate the man with googly eyes and colored paper pieces, sticking them with glue.

For white frosting decorations, you can use white steamers throughout the home. You may also use fluffs of quilt for batting on various places to represent snow.

For the party, use graham crackers, hot glue and frosting to decorate gingerbread houses. You can also use candy pieces for decoration.

For party favors, consider giving cellophane baggies with gingerbread men erasers and real gingerbread men to eat while going back to their home.


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