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Ideas for Wall Art

If you are old enough for frat parties then you need to get rid of typical style poster that you have been using for your living room wall décor. This is because dorm room décor looks quite inappropriate outside a dorm room, even though it inspired by great art.

It’s time to think beyond of just decorating your living room by using framed photos of your family. Following are a few very interesting, inexpensive, and easy ideas to decorate your space.

1). Although wall decals are thought to be little over-hyped, however they are a smart way to add interest to a wall. They are quite cheaper than original wall art as well as are easy way to decorate your wall. If you are really short of budget to buy pre-made wall decals, you can use spray starch to adhere fabric cut-outs to the wall.

2). An interesting idea to decorate your wall is to get a few empty frames of different shapes and sizes, and after painting them all the same color, hang them to give your wall a unique and attractive look.

3). You can paint any color of your choice that you feel will look good on your wall. Even white frames against a colored wall look great, especially if the wall has white molding. Moreover, you can use frames of all the same shape and paint all but one of them the same color.

4). Silhouettes are quite popular these days because they are inexpensive and really easy to make. All you need to do is to get some interesting wrapping paper, add a silhouette, stick it in a frame, and you are done.

5).You can also use fabric wall hangings to add interest to your living room décor. Although, they are quite expensive if you buy them, you can make your own fabric wall art by buying some interesting fabric and using a staple gun to attach it to an old picture frames. Using a heavier weight fabric will work best for this purpose.

All these ideas are not only easy to make but also are interesting to make and are very inexpensive. Try these unique wall art ideas to spruce up your wall and also living space.


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