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Small Bathroom Ideas for Storage

Small bathroom décor needs a creative ways to set things up for maximum functionality and design appeal. Following are a few ideas that you can use for maximizing storage space in your small bathroom.

  1. Using the walls to store multitude of things that are usually needed in a bathroom is a great idea. Wall boxes, shelves, and small cabinets are very practical. Assign a cabinet or a shelf to each person using the bathroom to keep things in order and to make morning routine go faster.
  2. Nowadays, hampers are very innovative. There are some hampers that have a drawstring, which makes it easier for you to take it to the laundry room. Whereas, other hampers have an accordion system that allows them to grow or shrink as required. Use the one that best fit in a corner of your bathroom to save space.
  3. In a small bathroom, you can take advantage to the height of walls. A number of accessories can be used that allow you to use your walls to maximum for storage space. Even if you have ceramic walls in your bathroom, you can use hooks for holding towels and bathrobes.
  4. A number of bathroom items, including a big sack of rolled towels, can be housed on small shelves over the bathtub.
  5. A door of a small bathroom can also be used to hang things. Use single, double, or even triple decorative towel holders to attach to the bathroom door. Another discrete and useful idea is to use hooks on the back of the bathroom door.

Using these ideas will space up your small bathroom. Any idea that looks at every bit of vertical space works well in small bathrooms.


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