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Design Styles of a Kitchen

Although there are a number of kitchen design styles to choose from, however two of them are the most popular ones, i.e. contemporary and country design styles of a kitchen. Their details are explained briefly as under.


In this style, sleek stainless steel contemporary brackets would work great. This design style of kitchen is the perfect complement to stainless steel countertop brackets.

As an accent color, stainless steel can be used however vibrant colors of reds, blues, yellows, and oranges predominate. In recent years, dark black-brown colors have become more popular. Among surface selections, natural stone, quartz or concrete can be your best options.

The most appropriate materials for hardware are nickel, chrome, and stainless steel. The most common for wood finishes in this design style are straight grained woods, such as maple, birch, and bamboo.


In this design style, it is appropriate to use the hidden support bracket, or you can select a decorative bracket to paint in a color that is mostly used in this design.

Use original dye colors from the American Colonial time period, such as reds, blues, and yellows. This time period can also be reflected by using items containing small patterns. Among your surface selections, you can use granite, soapstone, wood trimmed laminate, and solid surface material with square edge profiles.

Hardware choices must be rustic finishes, such as oil rubbed bronze and wrought iron look great in addition to antique brass and copper. Moreover, you can also use light wood finishes on pine, maple, oak, birch, and cherry that work well in this style.


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