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Tips for Decorating Small Bedrooms

Often, it becomes quite difficult to decorate a small bedroom. However, there are several tips that can help you in decorating your small bedroom in simple yet elegant way that will not only look appealing but also give you comfortable feeling.

Here are few tips that can be used to decorate a small bedroom.

  1. Never place a bed in the center of a small bedroom or against a wall in a small bedroom. Consider placing it at an angle. After that, place a small table, with a suitable artificial tree on it, behind the head of the bed. Placing an artificial tree will lend a bit of outdoors décor to an otherwise close room effect.
  2. Place a box with a lid beside the bed for a nightstand. Several types of wicker baskets are easily available that are boxy and have lids that are quite apt for small bedrooms. A small decorative table in a small bedroom would be great.
  3. Placing an appealing designed lamp on the nightstand can be a functional focal point. You can place your favorite book beside the lamp, which is a comfort thing for keen readers.
  4. Purchase a low-priced frame or two that is not too large. Buy a fabric that is at least a yard or two, and has a design that complement the room color or bedspread color or design. Cover the frame with the fabric by stapling it to the backside. Hang the frame on one of the bedroom walls to give an amazing look for creating a bedroom décor.
  5. Get a des that can double as a make-up table or a small three drawer chest. Add complementary mirror that is a good sized for placing on make-up, fixing your hair, and just to get that extra good glance before you leave the room. Put a vase with a spring or two of flowers in it on the dresser. This will give your bedroom a touch of fluff décor. Placing a decorative candle holder with a fragrant scented candle will give a complete decorated look to your small bedroom.

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