Art and Craft

Unique Painting on Water Surface

This is unique style of painting on water surface. This is very creative and technical type of painting. Watercolors and oil paints are used to create painting on water surfaces. They look amazing and very beautiful. Basically water is complex and difficult subject to paint on. However some rules of painting on water are:

  • If reflection of object is clear and visible then t will always lie immediately below the object. Ruler can be used for accuracy.
  • Reflection of object will give vertical view regardless of shape of object. It is because of texture of water surface.
  • Colors of reflected objects are always darker than actual base of object.
  • Painting on water requires more some colors more than others like titanium white, ultramarine, pthalo blue, cerulean, permanent rose and green etc.
  • Transparent water drops are ideal for water painting. You can do it perfectly with a bit of practice and carefully managing the colors in different combinations.

Water paintings are being very popular among painters who look for creative ways to make beautiful paintings. These water paintings are frequently used for decoration purposes.


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