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Tips for Making Pillows for Home Decorations

Keeping beautiful pillows and cushions on beds, sofas, carpets and rugs is an awesome way to give your home decoration a gorgeous look. Decorative pillows are prepared for home deocriaotn and are simplest way to enhance the décor of home. Making pillows does not require expensive fabric and other decorative accessories but they can be prepared by using ordinary things that home owners and interior designers can use to create unique designs of pillows.  Here are some tips for you to learn decorative pillows for your home decoration.

  • Material that you need to have to prepare a pillow is piece of fabric large enough to make desired size of pillow, ruler, sewing needle and ruler.
  • First of all make your mind to keep pillows in which places because it is very important to consider and making appropriate design of pillows. Decorative pillows can be used as:
    • Playroom pillows
    • Master bedroom pillows
    • Kid’s room pillows
  • Now choose the right fabric to prepare stylish pillows for decoration. Fabric for pillows can be taken from any art and craft store and fabric store. Color of fabric and printing designs depend on your own choice and requirements of decoration.
  • Measure out the desired size of pillow and mark the fabric with pen, marker or safety pin.
  • Cut the fabric keeping in mind that both designed size are on outer sides and make sure the right size of pillow by folding the fabric.
  • Sew the sides of fabric to shut the fabric. Use needle or sewing machine. Leave one side or corner without sewing to stuff the pillow with foam pieces, wool or cotton.
  • Stretch the sides of pillows to make right size of pillow cover.

    You can make pillows for decoration in the way mentioned above and enhance the décor of your home.

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