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Balloon Twisting Tips and Tricks

Balloons are very important in different types of party decorations especially birthday parties celebrated for children. Balloon decoration is done with variety of ways and types of balloons. Twisting balloon decoration is becoming very common in party decoration and they give a gorgeous look to the decorative venue. Here we will guide you regarding balloon twisting tips and tricks. You can make different shapes of balloons with these twisting techniques.

Some basic tips for balloon twisting

  • Though balloon twisting is a flexible activity but it would be a bit difficult to blow the balloons with your mouth. Using hand pump would be much easier for you to blow the balloons. Different types of pumps are available for blowing inflating balloons.
  • Leave almost four inches of space uninfated at the tail end when you blow the balloons. When balloon will be twisted, air will squeeze in that uninflated space of balloon.
  • When you twist the balloon, hold the nozzle from end and hold it till you give your required shape to balloon.
  • You should leave more space in balloon to more turn and twist the balloons.
  • Twist the balloon in same direction and twist each and every bubble of balloon to give different shapes to balloons.

Balloon animal making tips

  • Whenever you have done basic inflating with balloons, fold them in different directions to design the body parts of different animals.
  • Fold the balloon in circular direction twice or thrice to make ears of dog balloon. Other body parts can be made in the same way.

This is the basic way to make different shapes of balloons by twisting and turning the balloons.

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